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Terminal Product

Relying on the microencapsulated and formulation technology platforms and guided by the international quality management systems in place, INNOBIO selects global quality raw materials. Dozens of scientists have carefully designed multiple product categories to meet the customer’s requirements for healthy nutrition.

Relying on the technical platform of fatty acid structural modification, isolation, purification and microencapsulation, INNOBIO provides customers with high-quality functional lipid products. The main products include Conjugated Linoleic Acid series, Alpha Linolenic Acid series, Gamma Linolenic Acid series and water ...

Functional Lipids

Functional Pigment

INNOBIO’s Natural Carotenoid Series provides reliable products for customers who require a “green” production process, natural high-quality raw materials, and an advanced technology platform. This series contain CWS powder, beadlets,and oil suspension/oil oleoresin which supply high quality formulation solutions.

Sports Nutrition

INNOBIO presents unique solutions to improve the performance of functional ingredients that have common challenges such as being insoluble or unstable, having unpleasant taste, easily hygroscopic etc patented microencapsulation technology to meet diversified demand of our customers.

Microencapsulated Lipids Powder

With its patented microencapsulation technology, INNOBIO uses various food ingredients as coating materials, and encapsulates the nutritional lipids in the core, producing a series of water dispersible nutritional lipid powders. INNOBIO provides its customers with more flexible formula design options, more convenient application...


INNOBIO takes advantage of the advanced technologies of purification, controlled release and patented microencapsulation. They can provide stable products while ensuring that the product can meet international standards. Also, INNOBIO can provide customized products and total solution services to satisfy the customer’s needs.