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Dr Wenzhong Wu, the founder of INNOBIO obtained his Ph.D. from University of Munich, Germany. After graduation, Dr Wu worked for the German National Environment and Health Research Center at Munich Industrial University in Germany and for Hong Kong Baptist University. Dr Wu was also a distinguished expert at the United Nations where he participated in several training programs for the environmental departments of Japan and South Korea.

Motivated by the desire to "use science to serve his homeland", Dr Wu returned to China in 2000, after an invitation from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His career in China started in a leadership position and as a doctoral supervisor for the National Freshwater Ecology and Biological Technology Laboratory. While there, Dr Wu established the National Dioxin Laboratory and drafted the national environmental standard method for dioxin testing. He also presided over a number of major research subjects in the fields of environmental chemistry and ecological toxicology. Base on his significant contributions, he was awarded the State Council Special Allowance and multiple governmental awards.

In 2003, Dr Wu established Innobio Corporation Limited. Since that beginning, INNOBIO has seen significant growth as a leading international manufacturer of functional nutritional ingredients. INNOBIO is supported by a robust R&D group of veteran scientists and technicians with experience in natural ingredient manufacturing and development. Innobio's expertise in development, attention to quality and scale up to manufacturing have enabled them to grow into a strong international company and a leader and innovator in the industry.

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