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Many classes of functional ingredients present challenges such as oxidation, poor dissolution, poor physiological utilization, unsatisfactory taste and odor, or instability. Our strong and diverse R&D team is committed to develope solutions for challenging problems. Our microencapsulation experts have the knowledge and understanding of the basic chemistry of natural products to enable them to find solutions to solubility issues, taste and smell concerns, and stability challenges. At INNOBIO, we are experts in the science and technology of microencapsulation. We also understand how to transfer technical solutions developed in the lab to scale up in the manufacturing environment.
INNOBIO has developed techniques that ensure success for encapsulation of a wide variety of materials with different properties. Our diverse product list includes natural carotenoids, a range of natural unsaturated fatty acids, branched chain amino acids and functional lipid powders. All of our microencapsulated products are guaranteed to be stable, meet solubility criteria, with excellent flow characteristics and provide exceptional organoleptic properties. 
Current efforts of our R&D group are focused on microencapsulation of water-soluble functional ingredients, to reduce their hygroscopicity and improve their stability in complex formulations.
INNOBIO specializes in the following microencapsulation techniques on an industrial scale. 
Oil suspension

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Slow release technology pictures

Microscopic microcapsule particles

Airstream Crusher (Atlas of Equipment Manufacturers)

Layer Self-Assembly Technology


Complex coacervation technology (overseas ppt)

Vitamin D Nanocapsulation Diagram (Extracted from Literature)