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In 2003, INNOBIO was established by a young scientist, Dr. Wenzhong Wu.
In 2004, INNOBIO started its independent R&D.
In 2005, INNOBIO began production of CLA.
In 2006, INNOBIO developed its advanced micro-encapsulation technology.
In 2007, INNOBIO opened a new dedicated manufacturing facility.
In 2008, INNOBIO obtained ISO9001 and HACCP quality certifications.
In 2009, production of Lutein and Omega 3/6/9 production began.
In 2010, INNOBIO introduced Instantized BCAA products.
In 2011, INNOBIO met quality standards for award of cGMP certification.
In 2012, INNOBIO introduced beadlet technology and CWS (cold water soluble) product options.
In 2013, National Engineering and Research Center for the Microencapsulation of Medicinal Ingredients is approved by NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission).
In 2014, INNOBIO Testing Center is approved by National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) by an on-site audit.

In 2015, INNOBIO incorporates Lean Six Sigma Management techniques into their corporate structure.
In 2015, CLA, Lutein and Lutein Ester, Zeaxanthin, L-leucine were submitted for GRAS certification to the FDA. After a comprehensive review of INNOBIO product development and manufacturing techniques and procedures by an independent panel of experts the FDA notified INNOBIO that they had no objection to GRAS claim.