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In INNOBIO  Research and Development Center employs nearly eighty scientists and engineers working to develop new products and solutions to meet the growing needs of a worldwide market for specialty fatty acids, carotenoids, amino acids.


INNOBIO scientists and technicians are experts at unlocking and retrieving naturally occurring healthy compounds from nature. INNOBIO experts in extraction, purification, and formulation work together to bring the essence of these special substances to customers around the world in uniquely pure and stable formulations. 

Current technology platform and expertise

* Separation, purification and structure modification
* Micro-encapsulation
* Industrial micro-biotechnology
* Controlled release technology of functional ingredients
* Marine biology technology 

Core technologies

* Molecular distillation
* Conjugation
* Enzymatic catalysis
* Micro-encapsulation
* Beadlets
* Granulation
* Emulsion system


R & D