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INNOBIO instant instant branched chain amino acid microcapsule powder (IBCAA) is made from food grade ingredients, and is prepared by patented microencapsulation technology.
INNOBIO scent fast soluble branched chain amino acid microcapsules have solved the difficult problem of dispersing and dissolving BCAA in water. It has realized the rapid dispersion and dissolution of products in water, clear and transparent solution, no foam and precipitation, which is an ideal choice for solid drinks.
Quick solubility
Good stability
High content of BCAA
GRAS authentication
Customizing a product at any rate
INNOBIO's instant soluble branch amino acid microcapsule powder, -BM, is embedded in food grade ingredients through patented microcapsule technology to obtain instant BCAA products with easy to taste taste and easy to taste.
Taste is easy to accept and seasoned
Quick solubility
Good stability
Suitable for solid drink, RTD, energy glue
INNOBIO® Branched chain amino acid particles
INNOBIO's branched chain amino acid particles are made from powdered amino acids by advanced granulation technology, and are easy to squeeze and fill capsules.
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