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INNOBIO Participated in HiE 2016 Successfully

INNOBIO Participated in HiE 2016 Successfully

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INNOBIO visited Frankfurt in November 29th to attend the Health ingredients Europe Show. Hi Europe is the leading global event for food and beverage innovation, showcasing ingredients and solutions for food and drink formulation, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and personal care products. 
Last year, INNOBIO astaxanthin received GRAS status for use in food and dietary supplement applications. This year INNOBIO astaxanthin received approval as a novel food under the EU novel food certification process. These important quality certifications drew attention from attendees to the exhibition. GRAS and novel food certification for INNOBIO astaxanthin indicates the safety and quality of the manufacturing process and finished product is recognized by the regulatory and scientific authorities in Europe and the USA.
INNOBIO clean label technologies and healthy, wholesome non-GMO, allergen free ingredients were major talking points for many of the customers visiting the booth at the 2016 show. INNOBIO offers many ingredient options for customers including oil suspensions (OS), cold water soluble (CWS) powders, and beadlets for a wide range of formulation applications. Advanced molecular distillation and microencapsulation techniques provide customers with the best quality assurance.
The final consensus for show visitors is that INNOBIO products are internationally recognized as high quality, cost effective, and safe product options for their finished products. We look forward to future events to showcase INNOBIO advanced technology and products.