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INNOBIO participated in VITAFOODS 2016

INNOBIO participated in VITAFOODS 2016

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The INNOBIO sales team, accompanied by Dr. Wu, President of INNOBIO, attended VITAFOODS 2016 on May 10th-12th in Geneva, Switzerland. Guests to our booth included new and old customers and long time friends interested in INNOBIO products and technologies.

This EXPO presented an opportunity to re-introduce existing products and to introduce new products. Our patented microencapsulation oil powder was a key reason for visitors to seek out our booth. INNOBIO’s microencapsulation technology offers a wide range of oil powder products possibilities.
INNOBIO’s customer-focused approach to product development results in long term satisfaction and repeat customers. This EXPO was an opportunity for our sales staff and Dr. Wu to have comprehensive discussions with our existing customers and potential customers to understand their needs and to offer solutions.  INNOBIO has gained successful results during the VITAFOODS. We look forward to returning in 2017 to share our newest techniques and products with participants.