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INNOBIO,leading of natural astaxanthin

INNOBIO,leading of natural astaxanthin

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Nowadays with the expanding global astaxanthin market, INNOBIO has quickly become one of the leading manufacturer of natural astaxanthin. Recently, David Chance, INNOBIO’s US sales and marketing manager, was interviewed by Nutraingredients-USA. He analyzed the situations of existing astaxanthin market.

In recent years, there are lots of research reports regarding astaxanthin. Especially in European and US market, astaxanthin attracts consumers’ increasing interest for its safety and potential benefits. Haematococcus pluvialis, the algal species from which astaxanthin is derived, requires sunlight and a stable temperature to grow. So a complete closed system guarantees algal against contamination and invasive species. “INNOBIO currently has two sites producing astaxanthin in Yunnan with another under construction.” Said Chance. So INNOBIO absolutely has the ability and confidence to face the huge market demand.
When asked about the differences between synthetic and natural astaxanthin, Chance pointed out that there’s not one clinical study ever published showing any health benefit for synthetic astaxanthin. Research has shown that natural astaxanthin was stronger in antioxidant and safety than synthetic astaxanthin. INNOBIO applies microencapsulation technology to Astaxanthin products, which significantly improves the bioavailability and application range.
INNOBIO always focuses on technical innovation and quality assurance. INNOBIO Astaxanthin products will continue to shine in global astaxanthin market!