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Successful Return from Vitafoods Europe

Successful Return from Vitafoods Europe

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President Dr. WU, Wenzhong, General Manager Mr. WANG, Mingyan together with the INNOBIO team of Sales and Marketing attended Vitafoods Europe 2014in Geneva, Switzerland from May 6th to 8th. 

During Vitafoods Europe 2014, INNOBIO sales representatives presented a few featured products as listed below.
INNOBIO VEGAN Instantized BCAA (IBCAA) with non-GMO and non-allergenic features.
INNOBIO Zeaxanthin Cold Water Soluble (CWS) Powder and Beadlets
INNOBIO Conjugated Linoleic Acid Triglyceride (CLA TG) 60% Powder
On the last day of the show, Dr. Emilie WANGattended the Industrial Microencapsulation Workshop and talked about diverse microencapsulation technologies mastered by INNOBIO through example demonstrations.  At the same time, INNOBIO’s poster on “Sustained Release of Amino Acids by Microencapsulation” attracted scientists and researchers as well.
   During the expo, nearly 100 customers visited the INNOBIO booth and talked to the INNOBIO staff. Dr. WU and Frank, Head of Sales had fruitful meetings with existing distributors and customers.  New potential customers were impressed by the leading technologies and product varieties of INNOBIO, and would keep in touch with INNOBIO for further inquiry.