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INNOBIO returned from HIE exhibition successfully

INNOBIO returned from HIE exhibition successfully

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INNOBIO CMO, Dr. Lingzhu Meng and members of the INNOBIO overseas sales team, visited Frankfurt November 27 to 29 to attend the Hi Europe exhibition. HIE is an international professional exhibition on food science and technology, food additives and food ingredients. The exhibition attracted many suppliers and a professional audience. It includes two major themes: natural food ingredients and healthy food ingredients, and provided a good display platform for INNOBIO.

In this exhibition, the INNOBIO team showed four series of products including functional oils, sports nutrition, nutritional lipid microcapsules and functional pigments. Two of the hottest products were L-Carnitine and Conjugated Linoleic Acid TG powder.  INNOBIO also launched the popular product Medium-Chain Triglyceride powder. With the promotion of new products, a large number of customers were attracted to the INNOBIO booth and showed a great interest. With its innovative products and its customer service.INNOBIO has established a good reputation and market for its products overseas.

By participating in the HIE exhibition, we communicated with our clients demonstrating the latest technology and research achievements. We also had the opportunity to show our deep understanding of the demand and development trends in the international market.