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Microencapsulated MCT Powder


Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) typically contain a mixture of caprylic (C8:0) and capric (C10:0) fatty acids derived from either palm kernel oil or coconut oil. MCT have unique metabolic and functional properties in the human body.  They are rapidly metabolized and generate ketones as the energy source for the brain and muscles. INNOBIO's Microencapsulated MCT Powder is made by applying a patented CWD or WDP microencapsulation technique. It offers a full range of the MCT powders, with MCT oil content ranging from 50% to 75%, pleasant organoleptic properties, and excellent cold or hot water dispersibility.
Product Name Specification Application    
MCT Powder 50% 50% CWD Solid drinks/Sports nutrition
MCT Powder 70% 70% CWD Foods for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP)/Sports nutrition
MCT Powder 70% 70% WDP Foods for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP)/Sports nutrition
MCT Powder 75% 75% WDP Coffee creamer/Ketogenic diet/Meal replacement shakes


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Microencapsulated MCT Powder